• Mo-Fr: 9 am — 6 pm
  • Installation of engineering networks

    We install and connect:

    • gas pipelines of medium and low pressure
    • external and internal water supply systems, heat networks
    • sewerage and waste water disposal
    • storm drains
    • pumping stations
    • local communications to central communications attachment, etc.


    Engineering networks design, construction and repair is carried out by our qualified specialists in accordance with standards and regulations of Russian Federation. We use modern materials of high quality. This allows our clients to provide an appropiate level of system security and to minimize risks of emergency situations.


    We carry out the following types of work:

    • design
    • obtaining technical conditions for connection and coordination of the project with the municipality supplying organizations and, if necessary, with the local administration
    • excavation and digging taking into account local geodetic features
    • external engineering networks laying and testing
    • heat supply, gas supply and water supply pressure testing
    • attachment (connection) to external engineering networks

    • coordination with supervisory authorities