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  • Autonomous gas supply

    For the production of heating and electric power at industrial and warehouse facilities, which are not connected to the main gas pipelines, systems of autonomous gas supply are used.

    • Gas to the facility is supplied not from a centralized pipe, but from a special tank — gasholder.

    Gazgolder – a metal tank for lpg is settled at the enterprise for this purpose.

    • We carry out a full cycle of works on installation of autonomous gas supply systems for large industrial and logistic facilities from design and feasibility studies to service support systems. We apply a comprehensive approach while implementing gas LPG projects, tailor our customer’s needs.
    • Autonomous gas supply can also be used as a temporary measure when the connection to the enterprise to the main gas pipeline is delayed for some reason.
    • Propane-butane (LPG) is a significantly more efficient fuel compared to diesel fuel, electricity or coal and allows industrial enterprises to achieve significant savings even without connecting to gas trunk lines.
    • We carry out gas filling (LPG) 24/7 according to the required time.
    • Gas carriers are well equipped with a meter for controlling the volume of the charged gas.